About Backpageseek.com

Backpageseek.com is run by a bunch of open-minded people, who believe in privacy, friendliness and the right for consenting adults to do what they want with each other.

We hope to become (cough cough marketing speak alert) the premier place online for consenting adults to find each other and have fun with each other.

We would like to point out a couple of keywords in the paragraph above: consenting adults. We will say that once more, because it is just that important: consenting adults.

If you are not an adult or if we find out that you are using our site for something non-consensual, we'll do everything we can to stop that. You can read all the legal stuff about that here, but rest assured it all boils down to the fact that in order to use this site you have to be an adult and you have to be consenting.

If you work with law enforcement and you are investigating something non-consensual that is related to our site, or involves a minor, please contact us. You do not need a subpoena or a court order, because honestly, fuck those people who do things like that.

You may ask about the rights and privacy of people, and where do you draw the line? We say, well, it is our site, and we'll draw it on the other side of people like that.

How can you do all this for free? It doesn't make sense!

Well a few of us got together, and we put some money together to see if we could create our own little business on the side. It might have been the Salmari that night, but we thought after a while we could start charging money for advertising and then make some money. We are not at that point yet, but maybe someday.

Who are you guys exactly and where are your offices?

Honestly, just as we value your privacy, please value ours. We are a small group of both guys and girls, none of whom are in the United States, and we'll just leave it at that.