General help

  1. I can't access the site?
    If you are having technical issues accessing the site. We recommend first trying to clear you browser cache / cookies / history. If this doesn't solve the problem we recommend upgrading your browser, or trying to use another device.
  2. My account was banned?
    You may have broken our terms of service, your account may have been taken over and used for spam (do you use the same password everywhere? or did you respond to a fake text message asking you to verify yourself? or our system or staff may have banned your account. Please understand that fighting against spam and scammers is a constant battle. As we deactivate huge numbers of bad accounts, occasionally we may deactivate a real person's account, too. We apologize for that.

  3. Are you hiring?
    Please keep in mind that we are not an agency. This is just an online directory used for advertising only. We are not affiliated with any agencies and are not able to help with hiring.

  4. I am receiving calls but I am not a provider! How can I get removed from this website?
    While we do our best to remove stale ads with incorrect numbers we could really use your help. If you notice this happening you may find where this ad is in the site and report it as invalid number. This will usually get a faster response than by emailing us. In either case, we take this seriously and will remove your number as soon as possible.

  5. I phoned the provider but I got the wrong number. Why is this?
    We try our best to keep numbers current. If an ad has incorrect number or details please report it by clicking Report button on the right side of the ad. Please help us and community keep these numbers current.


  1. How do I edit / delete my post?
    You can login to your account and go to the 'My account' tab. That will show you all the posts you have. Please note that you won't be refunded anything and we will remove this ad permanently.
  2. How do I verify my backpageseek account?
    One of our top priorities is to prevent any and all sex trafficking on our platform. So please verify your backpageseek account.

    • Send clear, unfiltered pictures of:
    • a. Your face while holding a legal ID (drivers license or passport). The DOB should be clearly visible, so we can verify that you are of age.
    • b. Front of ID card.
    • c. Back of ID card.
    • d. Take a selfie of your ID card close to your face.

    • Please send to [email protected] with subject "Verify Me"

    • Please note: If your submitted documents do not meet ALL of the above requirements, your verification will not be processed. This will delay your application process 24-48 hours. We do *not* store any personal info you send us. After verification, it's immediately deleted.


  1. I am seeing my photos in this website but I didn't post them myself! – Can you remove it?
    Someone posted your personal information on the site, please contact us to report this immediatly. Someone is sending you abusive content. If this person's email is visible we recommend blocking this user's email using your email client. We also recommend reporting this person to their email provider. Also, we recommend you block them from being able to contact you.


  1. My ad was removed, I want my money back!
    We only remove ads that are against our Terms and Conditions. In such cases, refunds are not issued.
  2. I just credited my account and it's yet to reflect but do not adjust my credits?
    Your backpageseek credits will be added to your account as soon as possible, please take a moment.

Contact us

  1. Want to get in contact with us?
    We are always happy to listen to your questions, suggestions, and to simply hear from you! Need support with billing and we will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible :- [email protected]