General help

I can't access the site? Is there something wrong?

If you are having technical issues accessing the site. We recommend first trying to clear you browser cache / cookies / history. If this doesn't solve the problem we recommend upgrading your browser, or trying to use another device.

My account was banned? I don't understand why?

You may have broken our terms of service, your account may have been taken over and used for spam (do you use the same password everywhere? or did you respond to a fake text message asking you to verify yourself? or our system or staff may have banned your account. Please understand that fighting against spam and scammers is a constant battle. As we deactivate huge numbers of bad accounts, occasionally we may deactivate a real person's account, too. We apologize for that.

Are you hiring?

Please keep in mind that we are not an agency. This is just an online directory used for advertising only. We are not affiliated with any agencies and are not able to help with hiring.

I am receiving calls but I am not a provider on Backpageseek! How can I get removed from their listings?

While we do our best to remove stale ads with incorrect numbers we could really use your help. If you notice this happening you may find where this ad is in the site and report it as invalid number. This will usually get a faster response than by emailing us. In either case, we take this seriously and will remove your number as soon as possible.

I tried calling the provider, but I got the wrong number! Why is this happening?

We try our best to keep numbers current. If an ad has incorrect number or details please report it by clicking Report button on the right side of the ad. Please help us and community keep these numbers current.

How do I edit / delete my post?

You can login to your account. That will show you all the posts you have. Please note that you won't be refunded anything and we will remove this ad permanently.

How do I become verified on

We verify all providers that advertise on Backpageseek to prevent fake or misleading profiles being listed. This creates a better experience for both providers and clients. We keep as little personal, real world information about you as possible so you can be confident in your information safety.

To clarify, we need no nudity and no government IDs. We also do not accept government issued ID, such as your driver’s license or citizen ID. Please do not send us this kind of identifying information unless we specifically requested it to verify your age!

Where do I send this information?

We recommend that you use the account verification form that appears when you first log into your new account to submit the required information. You must submit via the form, we can not accept verification images to the support email address.

Can I send other forms of verification?

No, we don't accept other forms of verification, we can only accept the verification photo. We don't know how other sites chose to verify their workers or how consistent they are.

How long does it take to become verified?

We are a small team and work as fast as we can to verify everyone quickly. Please allow up to 5 business days for your verification to be processed before checking in with us.

My ID verification is still pending. Could you please advise on the next steps?

Please be patient as this process can take time. If your account is still pending, and it has been more than 5 business days, we are most likely waiting on your verification information. Please send us through the required information so we can approve you as quickly as possible.

I see my photos on Backpageseek but I never posted them! Can you please remove them?

Someone posted your personal information on the site, please contact us to report this immediatly. Someone is sending you abusive content. If this person's email is visible we recommend blocking this user's email using your email client. We also recommend reporting this person to their email provider. Also, we recommend you block them from being able to contact you.

I see that my ad has been removed. Could you please advise on the refund policy for such cases?

We only remove ads that are against our Terms and Conditions. In such cases, refunds are not issued. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy. Thank you for choosing our services, and we are here to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

I recently added funds to my account, but I don't see the update reflected yet?

Your backpageseek credits will be added to your account as soon as possible, please take a moment.

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We are always happy to listen to your questions, suggestions, and to simply hear from you! Need support with billing and we will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible :- [email protected]