Rules & Posting Guidelines

At Backpageseek, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for users to post and respond to ads. These guidelines ensure users can interact freely, feel respected, and avoid harmful or illegal activities.

Ad Rules

These are the rules we ask users to follow when posting ads:

  • 18+ Requirement: You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website.
  • Respect for Privacy: Do not post images or personal information of another person without their consent. This includes information of anyone underage.
  • Correct Category: Always post ads in the most relevant category.
  • Sponsor (premium) Ad Policy: There are no limits on the number of sponsor (premium) ads you can post. However, we encourage responsible advertising practices to avoid overwhelming users. Sponsor (premium) ads will always be displayed at the top with a premium badge until they expire.
  • Free Account Limits: Free users are allowed one account. Creating multiple free accounts to post in unpaid categories is not permitted.
  • Gender Restrictions: Only females can post in the Women Seeking Guys category.
  • Common Sense: Always use your common sense and best judgment when using our platform.
  • Multiple accounts: For a better user experience, we only allow one account per user.
  • Over-posting: To keep our community engaging, we recommend posting no more than 2-3 times a day.
  • Spam: Repeatedly posting similar content or promotional messages will be considered spam and may lead to account suspend.

Content Violations

The content you post -- words, pictures, images, etc. -- should not violate the rights of others and should not contain or condone defamatory, fraudulent, deceptive, abusive, drug-related or illegal activities.

Given the amount of content that is posted, we are unable to monitor it all. We ask that you as a community assist us in making Backpageseek a pleasant environment. If you have a reasonable belief any posted content would violate our Terms of Service, gives misleading information, or serves the purpose of harassing or endangering yourself or others -- please report it to us.

If you suspect that content posted breaks the law by violating copyright law, please report that here.

If you have a reason to suspect that content distributed might be of suspected criminal activity -- please report it immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Once contacted by the proper authorities, Backpageseek will cooperate to the fullest extent possible. However, Backpageseek does not have capability to investigate or offer meaningful resolution – if you suspect or believe you have been the victim of a crime – please report it to the proper law enforcement agency. Only by reporting illegal activity to the appropriate authorities, can you assist us by effectively ensuring that Backpageseek remains a safe environment.

We cannot act on allegations or suspicions. Bear in mind when reporting a violation of our Terms of Service that the information must be truthful. If we detect on-going patterns of harassment in our reporting system, this may be treated as abuse of our Terms of Service.

No One Under 18

THERE IS 0% TOLERANCE on content relating to or alluding to minors, children and young adults. We WILL report serious violations to the authorities. If you see or suspect this violation, please report it to us immediately. Fantasy or 'role-playing' regarding minors is also NOT ALLOWED. This includes any daddy/daughter, mother/son fantasies or any other type of role playing involving minors. It is impossible to determine intent for this type of post.

No drugs

We don't allow the sharing, distribution, or selling of illegal drugs on our site. This includes poppers.

No multiple accounts, no spamming of posts

We don't allow multiple accounts for one user. We also discourage over-posting (more than 2-3 posts a day). Repeated violations of over posting / spamming will get your account terminated.

No pretending to be someone else

Don't pretend to be a different gender, different age, use someone else pictures, or post in categories that are not relevant to your situation.